Long-term partnerships for ongoing success.

We specialize in creating customized software solutions to help businesses thrive in today's digital landscape

Long-term partnerships for ongoing success.
_Why choose Roobka

We are a small team of software engineering experts with a polyglot mindset and tech agnostic attitude.

Our commitment to accountability, dependability, and agility sets us apart. Our team is comprised of experts in niche technologies.


Tech agnostic

We are unbiased towards the use of any specific technologies to solve your business problems.


Polyglot mindset

We have a mind-set that supports adoption of the right tool for the right job — irrespective of underlying technology.



We have a deep understanding of the process and are able to provide guidance and support at every stage, from strategy development and implementation to testing and deployment.

_How we work

We assemble the perfect group of professionals to seamlessly integrate with your existing team.


Understanding Your Needs

We analyze your project requirements, technical needs, and company culture to identify the most suitable professionals.


Talent Matching and Selection

We screen and evaluate candidates based on their skills, experience, and compatibility with your organization.


Seamless Integration

We facilitate the integration of our professionals into your existing team, providing necessary training, tools, and support to help them quickly adapt to your work environment and project objectives.


Ongoing Support and Collaboration

We maintain open lines of communication and foster a collaborative environment, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure project success.


Performance Monitoring and Feedback

We continually monitor the performance of our professionals, gather feedback, and make adjustments as needed to ensure your satisfaction.


Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development

Our experts share their insights, best practices, and technological expertise with your in-house team, fostering skill development and enhancing their capabilities.

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